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Tennessee Firecrackers

July 12, 2018

Tennessee Firecrackers

You may know these as Alabama Firecrackers, but we kicked it up a notch by using our Spicy Verde pepper blend. We call them "Tennessee Firecrackers". These are a great snack to have at tailgates, bbqs, or just to snack on while sitting around the pool. They are super easy to make and highly addictive.


       10 oz. package of oyster crackers

       1/2 cup of grapeseed oil, or any neutral tasting oil.

       1 packet of dry Italian dressing mix

       1 tablespoon Olde Virden's Spicy Verde Sprinkle

       1 teaspoon Olde Virden's Spicy Verde Fine Grind

       1 1/2 teaspoons sugar


        To Mix:

       -  Place oyster crackers in a gallon zip loc bag.

        - Add oil and dry ingredients to a jar with a lid. Close lid and shake until the

          ingredients are well blended.

         - Pour oil mixture into bag, close bag, and toss to coat.

         - Let crackers rest for about 30 minutes and toss again. Repeat for an hour or

            two. Then serve.